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Research Reports

Buckley, Jenifer. 2016. “Interpersonal skills in the practice of food safety inspections: A study of compliance assistance.” Journal of Environmental Health 79(5): 8-12. Pdf available on request.

Buckley, Jenifer A. 2015. “Food safety regulation and small processing: A case study of interactions between processors and inspectors.” Food Policy 51: 74-82. Pdf available on request, or download the manuscript here.

Buckley, Jenifer. 2013. Research Report to the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development. Key Results and Recommendations. (2-page pdf)

Buckley, Jenifer. 2013. Working with Your Food Safety Inspector. Guidelines for Michigan’s Small- and Medium-Scale Food Processors. (2-page pdf)

More detail is in my dissertation (abstract or full pdf).