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Scholarly Work on Food, Agriculture & Environment

Peer-Reviewed Papers

Kiessling, Brittany, Keely B Maxwell, and Jenifer Buckley. 2020. “The sedimented social histories of environmental cleanups: An ethnography of social and institutional dynamics.” Journal of Environmental Management 278: 111530. (last accessed June 7, 2022).

Maxwell, Keely, Brittany Kiessling, and Jenifer Buckley. 2018. “How clean is clean: A review of the social science of environmental cleanups.” Environmental Research Letters 13: 083002. (last accessed June 7, 2022).

Buckley, Jenifer, Paul B. Thompson, and Kyle Powys Whyte. 2017. “Collingridge’s dilemma and the early ethical assessment of emerging technology: The case of nanotechnology enabled biosensors.” Technology in Society 48: 54-63. (last accessed June 7, 2022).

Buckley, Jenifer. 2016. “Interpersonal skills in the practice of food safety inspections: A study of compliance assistance.” Journal of Environmental Health 79(5): 8-12. (last accessed June 7, 2022). Cover story.

Buckley, Jenifer A. 2015. “Food safety regulation and small processing: A case study of interactions between processors and inspectors.” Food Policy 51: 74-82. (last accessed June 7, 2022).
Hit a paywall on the journal site? Manuscript is here.

Buckley, Jenifer, H. Christopher Peterson, and Jim Bingen. 2014. “The Starting Block: A Case Study of an Incubator Kitchen.” International Food and Agribusiness Management Review 17(1): 163-186. (last accessed June 7, 2022).

Buckley, Jenifer, David S. Conner, Colleen Matts, and Michael W. Hamm. 2013. “Social relationships and farm-to-institution initiatives: Complexity and scale in local food systems.” Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition 8(4):397-412. (last accessed June 7, 2022).

Pdfs are available on request.

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Course: Regional Food Products and Processing in Michigan

Developed and led by Jenifer Buckley
1-page course overview, 10-page syllabus
Summer 2012

Undergraduate course examining food processing as a diverse and dynamic feature of Michigan’s economy and agrifood landscape and exploring its historical and regulatory context.

ESA491, Michigan State University Department of Community Sustainability

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