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Practical Publications & Resources: Food & Ag

Colleagues and I have produced the following publications and resources for food and agriculture practitioners. These resources are available at no charge.

Fact Sheets and Guides for Food & Ag Practitioners

Wisconsin Food Processing Guide: A Handbook for Entrepreneurs and Managers (2016)

Jenifer A. Buckley and Elena M. Byrne

120 pages
Published by University of Wisconsin-Extension (Madison, Wis.) (last accessed June 7, 2022)

Presents a comprehensive array of topics that must be considered by the food entrepreneur. Provides a point of reference and reflection for those starting up, scaling up, or even those who are just dreaming.

Fact Sheet: FSMA Preventive Controls Rule for Human Food (2016)

Jenifer Buckley

3 pages

Provides small processors with an introductory overview of the Food Safety Modernization Act – Preventive Controls Rule for Human Food. Summarizes compliance deadlines, key changes in requirements, exemptions, and other details, along with an extensive list of additional resources.

Preliminary Cost-Benefit Analysis for Urban Agriculture (2015)

Jenifer Buckley and H. Christopher Peterson

31 pages
Part of the Community and Regional Food Systems Toolkit
Published by University of Wisconsin–Extension (Madison, Wis.)

Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) can be an effective tool for communicating the economic value of urban agriculture to policymakers and funders. This guide provides an introduction to CBA for urban farmers and urban agriculture advocates. It explains what CBA is and how and when it can be used to influence policy and decision-making. It also details how to develop a plan for conducting a basic CBA and offers metrics appropriate for evaluating benefits commonly attributed to urban agriculture, including community economic development, human development, neighborhood revitalization, food security, and environmental improvement.

Webinar: Working with Your Food Safety Inspector (2013)

Developed and moderated by Jenifer Buckley, with panelists Pearl Brown, Gordon Robinson, Laurie Sorensen, and Sue Spagnuolo. Produced by WKAR.

90 minutes

Helps small processors understand and make the most of food safety inspections. Panel discussion with small Michigan processors and representatives of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Working with Your Food Safety Inspector: Guidelines for Michigan’s Small- and Medium-Scale Food Processors (2013)

Jenifer Buckley

2 pages


Research Report to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Key Results and Recommendations (2013)

Jenifer Buckley

2 pages
Based on research conducted at Michigan State University, East Lansing, Mich.

Organic Processing Institute Resources (2012-2015)

Jenifer Buckley, Elena Byrne, and other authors

8 fact sheets, 3 case studies

Two-page fact sheets cover issues of concern to organic and non-organic food processing companies: managing allergen risks, processing with a co-packer, basics of organic certification, sourcing organic ingredients, sanitation, and regulations for disposal of poultry waste in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Case studies authored by Elena Byrne examine successful organic manufacturers: tortilla chips, camelina oil, and herbal products.

Buckley cited in: “Consumer information on buying meat direct from farmers” (2005)
In Local Food: Where to Find It, How to Buy It (pp. 21–23)

Jane Grimsbo Jewett and Derrick Braaten, authors

Published by Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, University of Minnesota (St. Paul, Minn.) (last accessed June 7, 2022)
Based on research conducted with the collaboration of Troy Salzer and Alan Ringer.

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Research Outside of Academe

“Grass- and forage-based finishing of beef, with consumer testing” (1999) In: Greenbook ’99 (pp. 81-84)

Jenifer Buckley

4 pages
Published in the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s annual Greenbook (St. Paul, Minn., last accessed June 7, 2022). Research conducted at the Sustainable Farming Association with the collaboration of Tim Malone and Ray Johnson.

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