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Welcome to my professional and scholarly portfolio.

I am a social scientist with 25 years’ experience in program development, management, and evaluation, in NGO, academic, and public agency contexts. I’m driven to help organizations realize greater potential to bring about substantive change.

I maximize organizational capacity by engaging critical stakeholders, identifying common goals, and developing a practical path to achieving those goals. My approach to program development and evaluation is strategic, practical, and analytically rigorous.

How can programs and policies best achieve the impacts that we intend them to? This website highlights my work exploring this persistent question in the areas of food and agriculture, the environment, and social issues.

Food & Agriculture

I spent the first half of my professional career as a non-profit administrator, scholar, and instructor in sustainable food and agricultural systems in the Great Lakes area of the US. This experience honed a set of values and priorities:

  • an enthusiastically collaborative approach to projects,
  • a facilitative approach to education that engages practitioners as experts, and
  • direct work with study participants during research fieldwork.

Social Issues

Building interagency bridges near Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge.

These values were reinforced in my work on social issues, in particular domestic violence.

I served an interagency network of regional criminal justice and victim advocacy representatives for the internationally known Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs in Duluth, Minn.:

  • conducting program and policy analysis,
  • improving policies, practices, and intervention programs for the criminal justice system and advocacy groups, and
  • managing an extensive database.

Environment: AAAS Fellowship

Having spent 20 years developing and implementing results-oriented collaborations, I turned specifically to federal-level agencies, with an interest in helping achieve desired program results. Since 2016, I have been pursuing that goal in Washington, DC, where I am an American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science & Technology Policy Fellow hosted by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

This site introduces my current work helping agencies identify gaps and bottlenecks in program implementation.

For Further Contact

I hope you find this website’s resources informative and thought provoking. If you have thoughts about my portfolio, new ideas you would like to share about my efforts to increase agencies’ impact, or would just like to connect, please contact me at

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How can programs and policies best achieve the impacts that we intend them to?